Rules & Regulations (School)

Rules & Regulations (School)

1. Attendance of the pupil and teachers in the morning assembly is compulsory. Defaulters shall be viewed seriously.

2. Pupil should reach the school by 8:50 A.M. Parents/ guardians should escort their ward only up to the school gate. Entry into the class room by the parents is not allowed.

3. Absence of pupil should be informed to the principal.

4. Student should wear proper, neat and clean School uniform. Defaulters shall be sent back or fined.

5. Damage of any type of school property is a serious offence. Full cost of repairing shall be charged from the parents.

6. Pupil should speak ENGLISH within the school premises. Refusal to do so will be viewed seriously.

7. Pupils are not allowed to go out of the school during Recess. Instead they shall bring home made food lunch in their boxes. JUNK FOOD (CHIPS, KURKURE, COLD DRINK etc) ARE NOT ALLOWED.

8. Parents/guardians should not visit the teacher inside the school without the prior permission of the Principal.