Principal Message

Principal Messagepri

To replicate success is difficult and difficult still to maintain. But having been adjudged as the number one Day-Cum-Boarding School of East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh by the people, we have proved the statement as untrue and will strive forward to retain in right earnest what we have achieved.

“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it”, is an African proverb and we at Siang Model School, firmly subscribe to this.

The tomorrow of our children is a radically different one- full of challenges. Are our schools of today designed for tomorrow? Do our schools put the future needs of our children first or are they trapped by a system and continue to offer poor educational experience? Are our educators afraid to break loose from this system and provide a new learning environment, a new experience which must form the foundation of our education experience?

As educators we must look to the future with a clarity and confidence and redefine the purpose of schooling. Our children are not going to be entering a world where they find jobs neatly packaged into these two easy categories of white collar or blue collar. Neither will they find a world which will need simply academically good students or the rest.

We must look to the future to define the educational experience we manage for our children. We must look to think more creatively about the way we package the learning to make it exciting, relevant and dynamic.

Our schools must help our children to broaden their minds, feed their imagination and develop their aspirations.

School is a one-time opportunity. Its job is to help each individual develop and evolve. To find success and fulfilment in their own lives, children must be given the options that inhabit the world around them, not just the system they are working in.

To truly explore the future of our system and change it for the better, we must look closer at the world we live in and draw on its diversity. We Endeavour to do that at Siang Model School, Pasighat for your kids, who are not just our valued clients but much more— a “rich heritage” for this world.

Mr. Y. Bipinkumar